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Love at First Sight – Real Life or Fantasy?

Is love at first sight just a wishy-washy romantic idea that those in love make up to torture their friends, or can science actually explain it? Since the ancient Greeks, the concept of love at first sight has helped us explain that first, powerful, and unwavering sense of love we have for a complete stranger. But is love at first sight just some romantic poetic notion, or is there some actual basis in scie ...

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How to Make Him Want You – Do’s and Don’ts

Have you got your eye on someone, but you're afraid you'll drive him away? Learn how to make a guy want you… and make him want to stay for good. Getting a man's attention is easy, but keeping it, is the tricky part. I already said this many times because it's the most important fact, sorry for repeating though :-( Men have an on/off switch that's easy to turn off as it is to turn on. It's a given that most ...

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7 Secrets Pickup Artists Use to Make a Move on a Girl

Trying to work up the courage to make the first move on a girl can be nerve-wracking. You don't know if your advances will be received or rejected. To determine if the timing is right or if the woman you are crushing on is interested – check out our tips in preparing to make a move on a girl. It plays out like a movie scene, you are in a popular bar with a bunch of friends, when you suddenly catch the eye o ...

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8 Ways To Get a Guy to Ask You Out That Always Work

Learning how to get a guy to ask you out really isn't all that difficult. Just follow a few simple steps and he'll be asking you out in no time! It can be very frustrating when you've got your eye on someone and he doesn't seem to notice you. The same goes for a guy that you've known for a while who flirts with you occasionally, but hasn't really shown any signs that he's going to ask you out anytime soon. ...

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What Attracts Women – 7 Things All Women Crave

Confidence is everything. Learn the fundamentals of what attracts women by emphasizing your strengths and improving your weaknesses! Every woman has her own 'thing' that really gets her attention, turns her on, or makes her weak in the knees. If there were one single thing, every guy would do it and we'd all be turned on all the time, trying to make it through our days with wobbly legs. Luckily for us, and ...

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6 of the Most Important Body Language Tips to Attract Women

Learning the right body language to attract women can be difficult, especially if you do not know what we are looking for. Learn the visual clues that turn us on and use them to your advantage. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then is a non-verbal signal worth even more. Women are visually stimulated by what they see around them. We make "scenes" or "photos" in our heads by visual cues. If we see a c ...

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9 Steps To Attract Beautiful Women Without Any Effort

You catch the eye of a gorgeous woman standing 10 feet away from you, suddenly you lose your voice and your nerve. It can be daunting trying to pick up that beautiful woman, but you can get success easily by following these rules to attract beautiful women. Men tend to be intimidated by a beautiful woman. "She will never look my way" or "I am out of her league," is often the reason many attractive women sit ...

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