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19 Interesting and Random Questions to Ask a Girl

With the rights questions you'll get the right answers! Learn what questions to ask a girl if you really want to know her. We got this stereotypical image of girls, where they are always bubbly and vivacious. But this is not always the case, women can be enigmatic too, so unless you can think of the best and interesting questions to ask a girl, you're bound to remain in the dark! Are you just started dating ...

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50 Random and Funny Questions to Ask a Guy

What are you supposed to ask a guy to get to know them? Find all the random and funny questions you should be asking here. How do you get to know a guy? No you don't hire a private investigator, that's just creepy!! You just ask them, men might be secretive creatures (tell me about it!) but with the right questions they can be known to spill their hearts out! Getting to know a guy can be as difficult as try ...

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Τοp Conversation Starters to Chat Up the Guy You Like

Why wait for a guy to work an appetite and come talk to you? Just refer these great examples of conversation starters with a guy you like and chat him up like a pro! Rumor has it, women have it easy; they don't need to flirt, the rule is for guys to initiate the first move. But what if he's too overwhelmed and he hesitates to make the first move? Should you stay there waiting and see if he comes over to tal ...

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Top 9 First Date Questions For a Successful First Date

Guaranteed first-date questions that will make a second date a reality! He finally agreed to go on a date with you. You somehow managed to find the ideal first date outfit, now all that's left is how to talk up this perfect stranger you've only been lusting over from afar! Because were sensing a panic attack approaching, lets all calm down and read further down. We have came up with oh-so-witty and flirty q ...

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3 Uncomplicated Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them

At one point in your life, you will feel so strongly for someone that you will want to finally utter those three little words that hold so much meaning "I love you." But burning question is, how to tell him you love him? Honestly saying, it is not always easy to say the words and sometimes you want to put more effort forth and actually show them as well. Today we are going to discuss some tips that will get ...

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Losers Lose Because They Don’t Know The Right Ways To Talk to Girls

Learning how to talk to girls is an art. The most important thing to remember is that we are people too and want to be treated as more than just a pretty face. Here are some steps for approaching us and getting to know us better. Meeting someone new for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, especially if you are attracted to them. Men tend to do one of two things – they either clam up or they g ...

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