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12 Straightforward Ways To Break Bad Habits Permanently

Many of us have bad habits, but they are not as difficult as you might think to break. Adopting some of these tips for breaking bad habits will bring you one step closer towards a life without them. So, who's ready? If you think about what goes into breaking bad habits, you'll soon realize how habitual our lives really are. We rarely explore anything that is outside of our comfort zones. It is not uncommon ...

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How To Deal With Jealousy – The Best Advice Ever

Nobody likes a jealous person, but they're everywhere. Identify its source and learn how to deal with jealousy like a pro! Dealing with jealousy is an interactive process. One's actions influence the other person's jealousy, and vice versa. To effectively deal with jealousy you need to make the jealous person feel understood and respected. How do you then deal with the different types of jealousy? How to De ...

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