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Sex On Your Period – The Facts, Tips & Recommendation

Just because you have your period doesn't mean that sex is out of the question. Or does it? Arm yourself with the right information to be sure. If you are like many women out there, the thought of having sex on your period is as taboo as it is intriguing. Survey your closest friends on the subject and responses will almost certainly cover the spectrum from, "You're kidding, right?" to "Sure, why not?!" Neve ...

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Large or Small Breasts – Which Do Men Really Prefer

Do men really prefer bigger breasts? It may surprise you to learn that men adore breasts...period! Size really does not matter, boobs are boobs! The idea that men prefer large breasts is actually something of a myth; in a study conducted by June Machover Reinisch, Ph. D., for the Health and Science of Human Sexuality Foundation, she discovered that in fact only about a quarter of men prefer large breasts; w ...

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6 Simple But Effective Steps To Make Your Man Ultra Horny

So you would like sex more often? Read this guide to find ways to make your guy horny and want more sex. Do you think your man has 'gone off' you? Would you like to make him so horny that he cannot leave you alone? Firstly you need to understand that above all else, men are very simple, visual creatures, and it will not take a lot of effort (in general!) to make him hornier. Read this guide for hints and ti ...

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Romantic Honeymoon Ideas and Tips – Top 5 Destinations On a Budget

Honeymoons can be inexpensive and gloriously extravagant at the same time, the key is to do your research. We did some already for you! So you got your wish and had an extravagant wedding, can your pocket bear another heavy toll? We thought so! Honeymoons do not need to be expensive to be good. As a matter of fact you can have the time of your life on a budget and without feeling you've compromised your dre ...

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15 Signs Your Husband is Cheating On You

Have a gut feeling that something is going on? Read up on some signs your husband is cheating and see if your instincts are right. Living with someone day in and day out should give you a pretty good sense of what's 'normal' behavior for them. The odd change in behavior can be attributed to a lot of things – stress or changes at work, family pressures (kids, relatives, etc.), or even frustrations with one's ...

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How to Get Your Man In The Mood Anytime, Anyplace

Want to know how to get him in the mood anytime and anyplace? Even during the big game? These fail-proof tricks are sure to get his full attention. When your man tells you that he's not in the mood, it can stir up feelings of confusion, rejection, and frustration. It's not normal, right? Men aren't usually the type to avoid or say no to sex, especially when women initiate, so there must be something wrong w ...

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7 Warning Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce

From secrets to changes in behavior and a lack of sex, find out the warning signs your husband wants a divorce and what to do when it happens. Divorce can happen for many reasons. Whether it's something obvious like an affair or abuse, or just a general incompatibility that can't be fixed, it's typical for one partner to make the decision to divorce before the other spouse knows it's coming. There obviously ...

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How to Please a Man In Bed (The Sex Goddess Formula)

Inside every woman is a fiery seductress waiting to come out. Unleash the sensual sex goddess in you by learning how to please your man in bed. Most men try really hard to please their women in bed, and it won't hurt if women do the same for them. It's not too hard to figure out what men want when it comes to sex, but it's not as simple as flicking a few switches either. Pleasing a man in bed boils down to ...

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