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How to Get Over An Affair – The 3 Important Stage

Only you can decide how to get over an affair, but this article will help you organize your thoughts and be confident you’re making the right choice. If your spouse has had an affair, your initial shock will eventually lead you to question how you can get over a cheating spouse. While statistics vary wildly on the issue of extramarital affairs, one study conservatively estimates that "about 3-4% of currentl ...

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11 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

You know something’s wrong, but not HOW wrong.  Check out these signs your wife is cheating on you and see just how worried you should be. In our last post we talked about how to tell if your husband was cheating.  Many of those points apply to a wife as well, but let's go over them quickly to get started. Dressing up – Similarly to a man hitting the gym and buying new clothes, if your wife starts dressing ...

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8 Steps To End an Extramarital Affair For Good

So you want to end the affair, but don't know how? Read this to find out how to minimise the pain and distress of ending an extra-marital affair. Many men, and women, may have extramarital affairs, but they do not have to mean the end of the marriage. Many people regret the affair and want to end it, but don't know how, without hurting everyone involved. There are ways of minimising the distress and pain of ...

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Top 15 Tips On How to Save Your Marriage

Dealing with a marriage at the brink of dissolution is the toughest battle to fight, but it is always worth the struggle. Read these 15 tips that can help you save your marriage. It is possible that when you were married to your man, never have you thought that you will ever need to struggle on how to save your marriage. It was, and remains until now, the happiest day of your life. You remember the smiles y ...

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8 Signs You Are In an Abusive Relationship

You're miserable, but are you being abused? Our 8 signs of an abusive relationship will help you see the truth. Abuse is a very loaded word, and can mean different things to different people. The type of abuse, the severity, and the way it's inflicted can range from the obvious to the almost impossible to see. Quite often the person being abused is the last to figure out what's really happening. There are m ...

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10 Effects of Divorce On Children and How To Deal With It

Divorce is always difficult when children are involved. See how divorce affects children and learn how you can protect them from the negative effects by communicating well. Most parents with children assume that staying together 'for the children' is the best way to deal with their unhappiness. Children obviously thrive better in a loving home, and the idea of tearing that apart is often unacceptable, even ...

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The Basic Steps To Filing for Divorce

Learning how to file for divorce requires open communication, diplomacy, and a firm knowledge of the laws where you live. There's an old expression: "Marriage is grand. Divorce is 50 grand."  If you've truly done everything you can to save your marriage, including open communication, couples therapy, reading books, and trying to compromise, your marriage might well and truly be dead and you'll have to file ...

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7 Warning Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce

From secrets to changes in behavior and a lack of sex, find out the warning signs your husband wants a divorce and what to do when it happens. Divorce can happen for many reasons. Whether it's something obvious like an affair or abuse, or just a general incompatibility that can't be fixed, it's typical for one partner to make the decision to divorce before the other spouse knows it's coming. There obviously ...

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8 Significant Signs Your Marriage Is Over

It's normal for married couples to go through rough patches, but some people reach a point when they ask themselves, "Is my marriage over?" Marriage isn't like a video game wherein if you make a certain number of mistakes, it's game over. There are no clear-cut guidelines or rules that say when a couple should finally call it quits. For most people, it's when they've tried everything to save what's left of ...

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