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Discover The Shocking Health Benefits That Lies Hidden In SEX

The health benefits of sex are many and varied, not only does great sex help our mental health, it also aids our physical health. The health benefits of a good sex life are innumerable; it not only aids our mental well-being, but also has a massive impact on our physical health; it can have an impact on stress, depression, heart and cardiovascular health, and can even have pain-relieving and weight loss ben ...

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99.9% of Men Watch Porn – Is It Really Bad To Watch It?

No-one can ever tell another human being that watching porn is bad; it is a subjective matter and what one person likes, another may not. Is it bad to watch porn? The answer to that is a categorical 'No,' and when I talk about porn here, I am referring to 'normal' porn, involving willing adults. I would never, EVER, condone the watching of porn that degrades or hurts either non-consenting adults or children ...

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Why Do Married Men Watch Porn (Hint: It’s Not What You Are Thinking)

Many men watch porn, whether in a relationship/married or not; they are visual creatures, and masturbation to porn allows them to have almost immediate gratification, without the need to worry whether their wife/partner is ready. It is a perfectly normal pastime and nothing whatsoever to be ashamed about. Watching Porn is Perfectly Normal: We hear many women asking themselves if there is something wrong wit ...

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