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How to Get Over An Affair – The 3 Important Stage

Only you can decide how to get over an affair, but this article will help you organize your thoughts and be confident you’re making the right choice. If your spouse has had an affair, your initial shock will eventually lead you to question how you can get over a cheating spouse. While statistics vary wildly on the issue of extramarital affairs, one study conservatively estimates that "about 3-4% of currentl ...

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11 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

You know something’s wrong, but not HOW wrong.  Check out these signs your wife is cheating on you and see just how worried you should be. In our last post we talked about how to tell if your husband was cheating.  Many of those points apply to a wife as well, but let's go over them quickly to get started. Dressing up – Similarly to a man hitting the gym and buying new clothes, if your wife starts dressing ...

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The 7 Regrets People Have After A Breakup

Suffering from a recent breakup or thinking about breaking up? Get informed about the top 7 regrets people tend to have after a breakup. Relationship breakups can create a rollercoaster ride of feelings for sure. One day you can be extremely sad and the next you can be relatively happy and hopeful for your new path in life. One day you will be drowning your sorrows in two bowls of ice cream and the next you ...

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13 Reasons to Be Happy After a Breakup

Break ups don't have to be all doom and gloom. Find out why some of your happiest days might be right around the corner! Going through a tough break up feels like the end of the world. Meteors are falling, biblical plagues seem imminent and the ground seems like it could cave in at any moment. Of course, it only make sense to stay inside all day nursing a bucket of your favorite ice cream and watching soap ...

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11 Clear Signs You Are Still NOT Over Your Ex

Do you find yourself saying you're over your ex and secretly stalking his Facebook or wearing his shirt to bed? Are you sure you're over him? Break-ups are hard! They can make you feel completely worthless and depressed. A common feeling that many people experience after going through a break-up is not being able to move on. There are some people who tend to hold on even if the relationship has been over lo ...

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15 Awesomely Easy Ways to Get Him to Propose Fast

Is your boyfriend lagging in the proposal department? Read about 15 awesomely easy ways that can teach you how to get him to propose! Many women are searching for answers on how to get him to propose. Whether it is a long term relationship that seems to be going nowhere, or you've talked it over but no final move has been made there are some tips you can do to push things in the matrimonial direction. 1. Be ...

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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – The 5 Step Plan

You thought he was the light of your life, but then it all came crashing down. Whether the breakup was messy, consensual, or anything in between, the fact is you still miss him and all you want is to get your ex boyfriend back and you are going out of your mind being away from him. In this emotional state you're probably not thinking straight. People in this situation make VERY poor decisions that will only ...

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