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Τοp Conversation Starters to Chat Up the Guy You Like

Why wait for a guy to work an appetite and come talk to you? Just refer these great examples of conversation starters with a guy you like and chat him up like a pro!

Girl in conversation with a guy

Rumor has it, women have it easy; they don’t need to flirt, the rule is for guys to initiate the first move.

But what if he’s too overwhelmed and he hesitates to make the first move?

Should you stay there waiting and see if he comes over to talk to you?

No, of course not!

When you like a guy, you have to work up the nerve to talk to them! A powerful woman doesn’t abide by obsolete flirting rules.

To help you out a bit, we’ve compiled a list of fail-proof conversation starters that are designed to get him notice you! No matter where you meet the man of your dreams, there’s a line you can use!

Situation 1 – Waiting for the train, walking around the city

1. You got the new iPhone! I want one so badly!

Commenting on a guy’s car, hair, gadgets or watch makes them feel GREAT (Car is their No1 weak point, trust me). The first thought he will have upon you commenting on such a thing is ‘finally I did something right!’

If he’s holding a new gadget, or the latest Smartphone you could say for instance;

  • Do you feel it’s worth the hype?
  • Do you get your money’s worth with it, because I’m thinking of getting one myself?

Most men aren’t highly versed in the fashion lingo, so having a girl notice and approve of their stylistic efforts can also go a long way. Even if it’s something you don’t really find ingenious, giving him a compliment won’t hurt! “I’m loving that tee”

2. Sorry, I took you for someone else!

Don’t be afraid to look silly in front of him. Create a mini scenario and pat his shoulder. Once he turns your way, act surprised and tell him how really sorry you are – then, when he’s least expecting it – introduce yourself and see how the conversation goes!

When he tells you ‘it’s ok, no harm!’ grin with your sexiest smile yet and just wait for him to do the rest!

Situation 2 – Around campus, library, in the coffee shop line

Conversation Starters

1. Don’t seem to be able to stop singing this song (hum the melody). Any chance you know which one is it?

Another sure-fire conversation starter with a guy is to make them feel useful and knowledgeable. However, if you have a raspy or scratchy voice, it might just make him run in the other direction, so use your best judgment.

Even if they don’t know the answer you’re looking for, music is a topic you could broadly discuss. So make sure you had the next couple of questions coming.

Men love talking about their favorite indie bands, the ones only a batch of people only knows.

2. Could you reach up for it please?

Perfect for when you’re in the library desperately trying to reach that Marketing Strategies book, or when in the campus bookshop, looking around for yet another cute iPad cover!

Making him feel needed and capable is a huge turn-on for men. Knowing they can do something for you that you cannot possible do yourself, incredibly boosts his self-confidence — and manhood!

Situation 3 – At a bistro, bar or club

Girl talking with a guy at club

1. Excuse me, I’m looking for this new bar everyone raves about any chance you know where it is?

Asking for an address or a known cafe/bar is a good conversation starter. He might know the place; better yet offer to walk there with you!

If he does tell you let him know that you wanted to know for future reference. To thank him though why not invite him to come along! Say how you have an hour to kill before your next class and invite him to go for coffee!

2. I’m starving, I’m also out of ideas, care to suggest anything?

Who doesn’t love food? He will definitely suggest something delicious, and fatty. But you can surely sacrifice your dieting for a guy’s sake can’t you? Men like to see women who eat more than just a few pieces of lettuce.

Ask him about appetizers and whether he feels like sharing a dish with you. They cannot possible resist food and women, imagine offering him both!

Any Situation – At virtually any place on Earth

Bringing him closer non-verbally

You don’t need to say something to get the conversation going! Use your magic, aka eye-contact. Stare at him until he feels you’re actually looking because you’re interested.

However, it is a good idea to perfect this sexy stare so you don’t look like the creepy chick from the horror movie who is about to pounce with a knife!

The eye contact needs to be prolonged and intense enough to allow him to be 100% sure you’re interested. If he has even the slightest doubt, he won’t come over.

If you can make eye-contact and smile sexily, your chances of getting him to come talk to you increase! [Read – 7 Powerful Ways To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You]

So if you want to make your crush notice you the above will be a great help towards achieving that. Be confident, optimistic and just go for it!

Just remember that guys are attracted to confident women. However, there’s a thin line between being confident and completely and irreversibly emasculating him.

Do and say the absolute essentials and let him take over. Flirting is mostly a man’s game so you don’t want to completely take that pleasure away from him.


We’re not really promoting lying here, in fact we don’t approve of it as a tactic at all. In all cases when a make-up scenario is used, is a harmless and completely excusable reason.

Besides telling them right afterwards that it was but a trick to get to talk with them, the guy is most likely to laugh and forget all about it!

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