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Welcome to Loveblab where you can find advice and tips on how to improve your life in terms of sex, dating, happiness and relationships. We have no intention of HURTING or OFFENDING our visitors and beloved readers.

We discourage you from making decisions exclusively based on the advice provided in our articles. These articles are created to help you get a second viewpoint on your situation, rather than prescribe your subsequent actions.

Thus, Loveblab under no circumstances doesn’t replace legal, psychological, medical, or other professional consultation. On the contrary, Loveblab is here to complement any expert advice you get from trusted and professional sources, rather than completely substituting them.

We strongly recommend that you analyze thoroughly your situation before making important decisions. While the articles presented here are grounded in the latest research, psychological developments, as well as common sense and the opinions and experiences of our writers, we, in no way insinuate that our advice is also the right one.

We are not experts, we simply love to help others and hope to do so through Loveblab. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for you making bad decisions based on our articles. We simply recommend and advice, we don’t demand that you strictly follow our advice. Our aim is to inspire and encourage.


Occasionally we might recommend a product or service through Loveblab, either through email promotions or directly on Loveblab. For these products we get a commission for promoting.

These products and services are carefully examined before being advertised by Loveblab. However, is at your discretion to do further research for any product promoted at Loveblab before any purchase is made. We are not responsible for any unsatisfactory or misleading product, we simply advertise not endorse anything promoted in Loveblab.

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