From: Anamika Choudhury Dutta

ANGELES He wasn't just determined to get his ex-girlfriend back; he wanted to marry her.

The problem was, she was just about to marry another man – she was literally at the altar that very moment! But true love won out every single time and he got her back nonetheless, just before she says “I do” to another man.



Movies... don't you just love them?

Hi there, my name is Anamika Choudhury Dutta and I’m the founder of, an online magazine that focuses on love and relationship.

I love watching movies, especially romantic movies, and “The Graduate” is definitely one of my all-time favorites. In rom-com land, the lovelorn girl always gets her boyfriend back, just as the nice guy always wins back his girlfriend; sometimes just before the final credit rolls.

Happily ever after.

Wonderful, don’t you think? But what are your chances of getting back with your ex in real life, outside of Hollywood? Getting back together with your ex is how life is meant to be, right? After all, you love your ex more than anyone in this world!

But alas, alas, alas...

Real life just isn't all flowers and fairies in Disneyland – even if you live in Disneyland!

"I'm right, you're wrong!"
"You forget my birthday again, Andrew!"
"You ignore me in front of your friends, Natalie!"

Breaking news, guys...

These all-too-familiar little annoyances are potentially disastrous for a lot of couples I know.



"Somebody please get me out of this place!" Andrew had to check to be sure that he hadn't really shouted the words out. He'd come to this wedding party as a favor to his girlfriend, Natalie, whose friend from college was getting married.

Natalie, being one of the sweet gals, was sitting at the main table, laughing and having a marvelous time with all her friends, while Andrew was stuck listening to a dead-boring, middle-aged woman chatting about her new Gucci bag. Andrew thought, “This is the last place on earth I want to be right now!"

He looked in Natalie's direction over and over again. Finally catching her eye, he gestured for her to come over. But Natalie, being one of the prettiest gals, as usual, shook her head and replied "I can't, honey, I have to bla, bla, bla right now. Busy!"

Bullshit, thought Andrew. He'd already seen other people leave the table to talk to their families. "She drags me here, begging even, then abandons me just like that," he thought.

After what it seemed like an eternal torment, the dancing began. Andrew's irritation yielded to a sense of expectation as Natalie smirked and began walking toward him. But then again, she never made it across the room. She was stopped by three of her MALE friends who insisted that she go outside with them.

Anyway, Natalie held up one finger, signaling to Andrew that she'd be there in just a second. “I promise, honey!” Before he could say anything to Natalie, she disappeared into the outdoor garden with her friends. Andrew sat and simmered, planning what he would do to her when she returned. Ten minutes passed, then 20. After a half hour, he walked out of the wedding, got into his car, and went straight home.

Natalie eventually realized that she brought her boyfriend with her. “OMG, I totally forgot about Andrew!” and searched for the poor guy. But where is he? Nowhere to be found. She called his cell phone, but he didn't pick up. Natalie shook her head, muttered "What a whiner!" and then went back to the party.

That’s it.

That’s the story of one ordinary couple.

A very short story, but let me ask you one simple question...

Do you think Andrew would break up with his girlfriend because of this?

People say... “Nah, that won’t happen. Impossible. It’s just a tiny little problem. He wouldn’t dump her.”

Girl, you are dead wrong.

He DUMPED her the next morning!

Andrew is an old friend of mine. He told me his story and now you know the drama, the real-life drama that can happen to ANYONE whether you're a man or woman.

Tiny little problems, they say. No big deal, they say. Impossible, they say.

The next thing you know, your relationship is over.

Please, don’t underestimate the tiny little problems. This is where most people fail with their relationships because they walk in thinking they “KNOW” what their partner really wants.

I can assure you that Andrew and Natalie aren't unique. As the official relationship counselor of my big family and friends for the past 10 years (I took it as a full time job), I have seen too many couples break up over tiny little problems like toothpaste, laundry, and snoring too loud.

Breaking up – in all its many forms and ways – is indeed very hard. You get hurt, your partner gets hurt and the relationship gets ruined.

But what a lot of people fail to remember is that breaking up can actually be prevented and remedied. It is all a matter of reeling in the emotions and taking control of the situation before it damages your relationship in the process.

Okay, okay... what's been done is done.

Now, you want your ex back.

I’m glad you made that decision. That means you still LOVE your ex.

You MISS your ex so much.

But, the big question remains...

Well, the short answer is...




The saying "love is lovelier the second time around" may be a cliché, but it all happens to all of us at one point or another. We always have these cute stupid fights, but then we make up pretty fast. Usually, after the make up (ahem—sex), our relationship is stronger than before.

Plenty of now-happy couples have, at one time or another, broke off, just to reunite and ultimately become stronger for a very, very long time, until death do them part.

You may think your ex will never talk to you again and you might even feel like he or she despises you. You may have been feeling despairing, upset, or even obsessed (we often obsess about things that makes us really miserable or excited). You may feel torn apart or that life has actually become completely meaningless...

Well, it hasn't!

All these negative feelings will pass, even if you don't believe that at the moment.

All I’m saying is... It doesn't matter exactly what happened, you can still get back together. However, there are a few misconceptions that you do NOT want to make...


If You Beg Real Hard, Your Ex Will Accept You

If you want to win your ex back, you have to avoid doing certain things, like... begging!

If you have desperately pleaded for your ex to come back to you, then STOP right there. Those late night calls, the sobbing, asking as well as bribing, is NOT only not going to work... it is going to make things much even worse.

Believe me.

One of the best advices I can give you now is that you should keep your dignity. Begging or otherwise behaving too desperately to get your ex’ attention, may make your ex feel sorry for you AND brand you as an extremely less attractive person.

What’s that? You still want to beg because you know it will work 110% with no problem? Sure, give it a try. You might not care about that right now, oh no, but I’m sure you would do later on, because how couples reunite can have consequences for how the relationship is going to be after the reconciliation.

Imagine what kind of problem that would cause in the future. It’s not going to be a pretty sight, my friend. Your ex might feel he got back together with you for the wrong reasons. Not good, honey.



Play The ‘You Dump Me, I Dump You’ Game

It doesn't matter who dumped who! Blaming is easy, taking responsibility is not. Find out what was the real reason you broke up. You need to remember that a relationship is a form of partnership. And that partnership needs a solid teamwork in order to be successful.

People often forget that they are part of a whole and instead see themselves as the victim all the time – hence prioritizing the “I” in the relationship instead of “us” or “we”. If you always put yourself first in a relationship, you are hurting your relationship and your partner.

Take time to remember that you work together as a team so when a problem arises, you can start with “What is our problem here? What can we do to solve it?” – That is a much better approach instead of going, “What is wrong with you? How do you plan to change your wrong behavior or wrong attitude?”

The latter, of course, will end up hurting your partner and make him/her feel that you are blaming them for just about everything (abusing mentally) and might want to get out of the relationship entirely.



You Don't Need Other People's Help

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Humans are social creatures; we ALWAYS need other people. Why are we too proud to "bother" our friends and family about our relationship issue these days? Is it embarrassing to ask for help when it comes to our love life? This is your future we’re talking about, not some games or anything. In times like this, even a Spartan King (or Queen) needs help.

Separating can leave a permanent scar, especially after you recognize the one you let go of what might have been the BEST thing that has ever happened to you. So help yourself by asking for help from those who have more experience!

You’ll be glad you did.


You see, my relationship journey was not easy as well. I came out at the other end of the tunnel more powerful, more durable, more mature, more understanding, and more finely in tune with my now-husband than ever before.

As an outcome, I am healthier, more positive, and have actually gotten a deeper sense of worth, which I am now efficient in radiating out to my soulmate.

In my life, whenever I travelled through "the storm," I've constantly made it a point to remember the lessons I found out along the way... both pleasant and undesirable alike. I learned that those lessons are useful—not just when dealing with the same situations again in the future—also so I can share the same lessons with others who could not have the same strength.

And those are the lessons I've caught within the pages of...



Your break up, whether current or not, is devastating. It harms tremendously and causes severe mental stress. Heartbreak is a real medical problem. I even know some people who ended their lives because of this (but don’t do it!).

It’s not over yet.

You still have a chance!

With my 70-page guidebook, you will DISCOVER...




That’s not all.

You will also get a “One-on-One Personalized Win Your Ex Back” Counselling Program.

You see, nearly all the ebooks on the web on getting your ex back are a ‘one size fits all’ system. The problem is everyone's situation is different, whether you had a significant battle, there was an affair, there are kids involved, you said certain bad things, you are still pals and so on.

Each case is unique, that’s why I want to help you PERSONALLY.

How it works?

The entire process is pretty straightforward...

You address concerns about your break up. Next, I will examine some of the things you did or said, how long you been apart, reason for breakup and lots of other criteria. Then together, you and I develop a plan that works most effectively in your circumstance. This plan, together with the guide I offer, provides you an efficient method to winning your ex back in your arms.

Note: Your privacy is safe with us. We respect and share your concern about privacy, therefore protecting your personal information is a priority. We will never disclose your information to anyone for any reason!

That is my promise. That is my personal guarantee to you.



That’s $297 In Value Towards Helping You To Get Your Ex Back


But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that much.

In fact, you can get your hands on this empowering program for only...




Yes, right now it's just $37!

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You know, that is a great question, and let me give you my best answer.

Over the years, there have been hundreds of people who have wanted me to help their relationship problems, and it's really not possible to do all that on a one-on-one basis. It’s just not humanly possible. So I came up with this very affordable way to help as many men and women as I possibly can.

But please understand that this offer is strictly limited on a first come, first served basis.

I reserve the right to reduce the number sold, eliminate the consulting program, or even stop accepting new clients altogether, at any time. Why? Because I have a family to take care of. How can you expect me to help you if I can’t even take care of my own family, right?

Therefore if you don't signup now and you come back later, you may not get the program that are offered today. If you’re serious about getting back your ex, then I urge you to take action RIGHT NOW.

Besides, haven't you wasted enough time to figure everything out on your own? Keep this in mind... the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to get back together. Do yourself a favor and download the guidebook right away. The faster you do, the faster you can have your ex back in your arms.

Just imagine that for a moment...

Your ex holding you, hugging you, and telling you that he or she WANTS YOU BACK.

Tell me...

Would you do ANYTHING to get your ex back?

What would you sacrifice? How would you like your ex running back to you? How would you like your ex to be asking for your forgiveness and wanting you back TODAY?

You can get that power over him or her after you follow my program. It doesn't matter what happened, you can get back together with the love of your life IF you learn exactly what to do and exactly what not to do. Otherwise, you will keep making the exact same mistakes (which you do not understand) and you will keep pushing your ex further and further away.

Take action. NOW.

Before it’s too late...

To your new love life,

Anamika Choudhury Dutta
Relationship advisor

P.S. Did you know that people make even more mistakes when they are attempting to win back their ex on their own? They simply make things even worse! In my ebook, you will find out exactly what these mistakes are so you can AVOID them easily. Remember... one wrong move and you’re done.

I have invested years patting myself on the back after assisting couples experience genuine changes throughout their relationships. I have successfully helped many of my family and friends win their partners back. Like I said, I took it as a serious job.

And now, I want to help YOU.

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