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15 Awesomely Easy Ways to Get Him to Propose Fast

9. Sex

When you bring up marriage, sex gets brought up too. Often, women need to feel intimate and close to a man before they have sex while men need to have sex before they feel close and intimate. [Read – How to Keep Your Man Happy – Anyone Can Do This]

Even if sex means as much to you as it does to him that does not mean you two are on the same page about expectations and sexual boundaries.

If you skip out on sex for three weeks because you are in a bad mood, exhausted, and stressed at work you may not think it means anything but it might to him.

He might not know why you are rejecting his advances and he might start to fear that he is no longer attractive to you, or that he does not perform well. He may begin to worry that his sex life won’t be fulfilling if he marries you.

This isn’t to say that you should have sex with him each time he demands, but that you should be aware that there could be confusion about this and make sure that if there is a reason you aren’t in the mood you tell him.

Even if you just want to sleep try to take a moment to give him a long and passionate kiss to show that you still find him attractive and would jump his bones if you weren’t so exhausted.

10. Financial Woes

Many women have imagined their dream wedding but not many have imagined the budget for it, nor have they been saving since they were young and dreaming of the perfect dress.

While tradition calls for the bride’s parents to front the bill that is no longer expected. Modern marriage costs are often split, depending on the circumstances. Maybe he knows that you have the perfect dream wedding planned but he feels inadequate because he knows that right now he couldn’t afford that.

If you think this might be the case you should consider what is more important to you: a lifelong commitment to your man or a wedding that makes a big statement?

If your answer is the former, make sure he knows that he comes first! [Read – Financial Status DOES Matter In Love]

11. The Marrying Type

No man likes being manipulated. If you continually claim that you are the marrying type but he says he isn’t, then pushing him won’t get you the results you want.

In fact, in most cases where men claimed they were just not the marrying type, they proposed as soon as their female counterpart gave up hope and accepted the situation for what it was.

This is tied to a few things. No man wants their girlfriend to know and be expecting the proposal. It ruins the surprise and takes away the glory associated with the moment.

Additionally, no man wants to feel as though they only proposed because the girl wanted it and the girl is only with them because she knows he will propose. [Read – What Men Want – Are Men Really Only After One Thing]

If you seem adamant about marriage and getting to play the bride it could put him off more than you think. By laying off of the idea a bit you can show him a softer side, and let him know that you are willing to give up your big wedding plans out of love.

12. Femininity at Its Best

Be feminine. This does not mean give up your job and start circling washing machine units you are dying for as a gift. This means understanding that opposites attract and taking charge of the polarity that is masculinity v. femininity.

You can be the best female businessman, strong and intelligent at work. But don’t come home and start telling him why his business strategy is not working or what he could be doing better.

Show him what he brings to your relationship and acknowledge it. Let him know that you need him in your life. [Watch – Why Do Couples Fight So Much]

13. Avoid Hints

We’ve already mentioned that you shouldn’t push him if he is reluctant. But be aware of dropping hints—and don’t. It shows your fella that you are trying to control events and it comes off as very unattractive.

Remember that your actions will speak louder than words. So show him 100% commitment in the everyday things.

If your goal is “til death do you part”, the last thing you want to give off is signs that you are controlling and stubborn—this will only get worse after he has committed to you in his eyes.

Appeal to the part of your man that wants to be flattered and praised, don’t manipulate or push him. Try saying “you are the perfect man” rather than “don’t you want to spend your life with me!?”

14. Taking the Initiative

While you might think that as a modern woman living in the modern world you have every right to propose as he does—and you do—make sure you consider his reaction.

Don’t hastily choose to propose to him if you haven’t truly considered how he would feel. Ask some male friends how they would feel in that situation; most of them will tell you they would not like it. This is not about equality but about how your boyfriend will respond. He may find it incredibly emasculating and pushy.

If he knows that you are keen but he hasn’t presented you with a ring there is probably an underlying reason. Take that into account before you make the leap.

15. He is Still Stubborn

Overall, remember to think about your relationship long and hard. Make sure that it is the relationship you want, not just the wedding or a marriage in general.

The purpose of a relationship is to love one another unconditionally, to focus on the needs of someone else as much as you.

Compromise is part of every relationship, so be grateful for what you have and if one day he changes his mind and enters matrimony, it is a happy bonus for you both!

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