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11 Clear Signs You Are Still NOT Over Your Ex

Do you find yourself saying you're over your ex and secretly stalking his Facebook or wearing his shirt to bed? Are you sure you're over him? Break-ups are hard! They can make you feel completely worthless and depressed. A common feeling that many people experience after going through a break-up is not being able to move on. There are some people who tend to hold on even if the relationship has been over lo ...

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Heart Touching Break Up Poems – Must Read and Share

Have you ever noticed that there are so many popular break-up songs, break up poems that are terribly sad and cynical? Heartbreak can be known as the worst pain one could ever feel because there is just no medicine for it. Heartbreaks can come from many things but perhaps the most common reason is from breaking up. We feel your pain and here we are sharing 4 heart touching break up poems which was contribut ...

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Is It Worth Trying to Get Your Ex Back?

Learning how to get your ex back is probably one of the hardest things you will do in your life. The love of your life could be with someone else right now and your heart is broken. As much as you want to know "How to get my ex back", you need to decide if it's worth it. There are a million and one reasons as to why you should try and get your ex back, but there are also a million and one reasons as to why ...

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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – The 5 Step Plan

You thought he was the light of your life, but then it all came crashing down. Whether the breakup was messy, consensual, or anything in between, the fact is you still miss him and all you want is to get your ex boyfriend back and you are going out of your mind being away from him. In this emotional state you're probably not thinking straight. People in this situation make VERY poor decisions that will only ...

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11 Proven Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

They broke your heart, but is your ex secretly trying to get you back? Learn the signs and know for sure. [highlight bgcolor="#ffff00" txtcolor="#cc0000"]ATTENTION:[/highlight] If I am not wrong, you are looking for signs because you desperately want to get back with your ex. If YES, first read this article completely and then download the guide for additional tips. Women: Click here and Men: Click here. He ...

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No Contact Rule – The Most Important Step After a Breakup

Learn why the no contact rule is your most important strategy for making a clean break after a breakup and getting on with your life as soon as possible. If you've been following this series of articles, you've already learned how to decide if you should try to get your ex back, how to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back if you TRULY want to, and how to identify if your ex is trying to get back with you. ...

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