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19 Interesting and Random Questions to Ask a Girl

With the rights questions you'll get the right answers! Learn what questions to ask a girl if you really want to know her. We got this stereotypical image of girls, where they are always bubbly and vivacious. But this is not always the case, women can be enigmatic too, so unless you can think of the best and interesting questions to ask a girl, you're bound to remain in the dark! Are you just started dating ...

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How to Make Her Squirt – The Key Is To Find The G-Spot

We have all heard stories about female ejaculation (squirting); let us show you how to make her squirt by finding and manipulating her G-spot. Many men (and women!) have long asked, Does the G-spot actually exist, and if so where is it? Medical opinion has varied in the past, but due to new techniques in MRI scans, it is agreed that women do have one, and that men want to find it, and make her squirt! Read ...

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What Women Want In a Man – Are All Women Just After Money?

What a woman want in a man when it comes to a relationship? Are they just care about money? No, not all. Of course money is important in life, but it's not everything. Lets check out what do women want in their 'Dream Man' We're way past the search for the perfect man, it's incredibly exhausting. And as it turns out, it's futile too. We just know he doesn't exist. We've come to terms with the fact that Prin ...

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7 Secrets Pickup Artists Use to Make a Move on a Girl

Trying to work up the courage to make the first move on a girl can be nerve-wracking. You don't know if your advances will be received or rejected. To determine if the timing is right or if the woman you are crushing on is interested – check out our tips in preparing to make a move on a girl. It plays out like a movie scene, you are in a popular bar with a bunch of friends, when you suddenly catch the eye o ...

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Losers Lose Because They Don’t Know The Right Ways To Talk to Girls

Learning how to talk to girls is an art. The most important thing to remember is that we are people too and want to be treated as more than just a pretty face. Here are some steps for approaching us and getting to know us better. Meeting someone new for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, especially if you are attracted to them. Men tend to do one of two things – they either clam up or they g ...

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What Attracts Women – 7 Things All Women Crave

Confidence is everything. Learn the fundamentals of what attracts women by emphasizing your strengths and improving your weaknesses! Every woman has her own 'thing' that really gets her attention, turns her on, or makes her weak in the knees. If there were one single thing, every guy would do it and we'd all be turned on all the time, trying to make it through our days with wobbly legs. Luckily for us, and ...

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These Romantic Expressions Will Have Her Eating From Your Hand

Pick up lines don’t work, but these romantic phrases are proven to make most girls more attracted to you instantly. Find out what they are. Women want romance and guys need to try harder to be more romantic if they want to get the girl. While big surprises, flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners show her how special she is to you, it's the little things that can really melt her heart. Some may argue that ...

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6 of the Most Important Body Language Tips to Attract Women

Learning the right body language to attract women can be difficult, especially if you do not know what we are looking for. Learn the visual clues that turn us on and use them to your advantage. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then is a non-verbal signal worth even more. Women are visually stimulated by what they see around them. We make "scenes" or "photos" in our heads by visual cues. If we see a c ...

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9 Steps To Attract Beautiful Women Without Any Effort

You catch the eye of a gorgeous woman standing 10 feet away from you, suddenly you lose your voice and your nerve. It can be daunting trying to pick up that beautiful woman, but you can get success easily by following these rules to attract beautiful women. Men tend to be intimidated by a beautiful woman. "She will never look my way" or "I am out of her league," is often the reason many attractive women sit ...

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