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The 7 Regrets People Have After A Breakup

Suffering from a recent breakup or thinking about breaking up? Get informed about the top 7 regrets people tend to have after a breakup. Relationship breakups can create a rollercoaster ride of feelings for sure. One day you can be extremely sad and the next you can be relatively happy and hopeful for your new path in life. One day you will be drowning your sorrows in two bowls of ice cream and the next you ...

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13 Reasons to Be Happy After a Breakup

Break ups don't have to be all doom and gloom. Find out why some of your happiest days might be right around the corner! Going through a tough break up feels like the end of the world. Meteors are falling, biblical plagues seem imminent and the ground seems like it could cave in at any moment. Of course, it only make sense to stay inside all day nursing a bucket of your favorite ice cream and watching soap ...

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Is It Worth Trying to Get Your Ex Back?

Learning how to get your ex back is probably one of the hardest things you will do in your life. The love of your life could be with someone else right now and your heart is broken. As much as you want to know "How to get my ex back", you need to decide if it's worth it. There are a million and one reasons as to why you should try and get your ex back, but there are also a million and one reasons as to why ...

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30 Cool Things To Do After a Breakup to Heal Your Heart

Breakups are a bummer only if you let them be, here are 30 creative things to do after a breakup to heal yourself quickly and reclaim your life back. Breaking News: Breakups Are Good for you! Forget all you knew about sinking into misery and self-loathing. Breakups are now redefined; its' all about self-discovery, self-pampering and of course absolutely everything that makes you happy (chocolate included)! ...

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Do Men Suffer More After a Breakup?

Break-ups are generally difficult for both men and women to handle, but why is it that men seem to take separation harder than women do? Breakups can be devastating, especially if one or both parties have invested so much love and devotion into the relationship. It doesn't really matter if the break-up was amicable or if vicious words and small items were hurled at each other, break-ups are never easy. Men ...

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5 Super Simple Ways To Get Over a Breakup

Breakups are awful, but find out how to get over a breakup and heal your broken heart faster than you ever thought possible. Unless you were fortunate enough to fall in love with your first boyfriend or girlfriend, got married and lived a life full of love with them, you've probably suffered several breakups during your dating life, both as the person doing the breaking up and the person being dumped. Wheth ...

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