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10 Effects of Divorce On Children and How To Deal With It

Divorce is always difficult when children are involved. See how divorce affects children and learn how you can protect them from the negative effects by communicating well. Most parents with children assume that staying together 'for the children' is the best way to deal with their unhappiness. Children obviously thrive better in a loving home, and the idea of tearing that apart is often unacceptable, even ...

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The Basic Steps To Filing for Divorce

Learning how to file for divorce requires open communication, diplomacy, and a firm knowledge of the laws where you live. There's an old expression: "Marriage is grand. Divorce is 50 grand."  If you've truly done everything you can to save your marriage, including open communication, couples therapy, reading books, and trying to compromise, your marriage might well and truly be dead and you'll have to file ...

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