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7 Simple Rules to Help You Find Out If Someone is Married

'How to find out if someone is married' is more than just a question when you are seriously considering a guy. These simple rules will help you with that. The guy is irresistibly attractive. But how can you find out if someone is married before you take the plunge into the relationship? This is a question that undoubtedly pops in your head and starts to throb it until you know the ANSWER. With the stakes re ...

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Love at First Sight – Real Life or Fantasy?

Is love at first sight just a wishy-washy romantic idea that those in love make up to torture their friends, or can science actually explain it? Since the ancient Greeks, the concept of love at first sight has helped us explain that first, powerful, and unwavering sense of love we have for a complete stranger. But is love at first sight just some romantic poetic notion, or is there some actual basis in scie ...

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How to Make Him Want You – Do’s and Don’ts

Have you got your eye on someone, but you're afraid you'll drive him away? Learn how to make a guy want you… and make him want to stay for good. Getting a man's attention is easy, but keeping it, is the tricky part. I already said this many times because it's the most important fact, sorry for repeating though :-( Men have an on/off switch that's easy to turn off as it is to turn on. It's a given that most ...

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6 Very Irritating Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

Making a guy like you is one thing, but what's more important is to consider turn offs for men that women do without realizing that they're doing it. Sure women shouldn't change who they are just to please a man and a man should love a woman for who she is, right? Yes, that's true. The point is, there are things women do that men constantly complain about, and for good reason. It's hard to be in a relations ...

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7 Ways to Attract a Guy That You Need To Start Following

Many single women find themselves struggling to attract a guy that they have an interest in. The key to finding a suitable partner is knowing how to portray yourself in the right light. It can be daunting when you are single and looking to attract a guy, that perfect man, who seemingly does not exist. Instead of waiting for Mr. Right, you settle for Mr. Right Now simply because you are afraid of being alone ...

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