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11 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

You know something’s wrong, but not HOW wrong.  Check out these signs your wife is cheating on you and see just how worried you should be. In our last post we talked about how to tell if your husband was cheating.  Many of those points apply to a wife as well, but let's go over them quickly to get started. Dressing up – Similarly to a man hitting the gym and buying new clothes, if your wife starts dressing ...

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The Key to Being More Romantic and Get More Action in Bed

Want some tips and tricks to jump start your sex life? Learning how to be more romantic can definitely help you get more action in the bedroom. So, you finally got the girl. Now what? The ideal scenario is that you live happily ever after and have lots and lots of hot, steamy sex. If that's what you're expecting, then it's time for a reality check. The truth is, while your girl loves you and would love to h ...

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