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8 Steps To End an Extramarital Affair For Good

So you want to end the affair, but don't know how? Read this to find out how to minimise the pain and distress of ending an extra-marital affair. Many men, and women, may have extramarital affairs, but they do not have to mean the end of the marriage. Many people regret the affair and want to end it, but don't know how, without hurting everyone involved. There are ways of minimising the distress and pain of ...

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8 Ways To Forgive a Cheater and Build Trust Again

Trying to forgive a cheater will challenge every part of your relationship. Rebuilding trust through honesty and commitment is possible, but difficult. Here are 8 steps to help. Figuring out how to forgive a cheater can be one of the most difficult processes to go through in a relationship. Many people live with a strict no-cheating policy. In a lot of ways this makes things a lot easier. If your partner ch ...

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8 Signs You Are In an Abusive Relationship

You're miserable, but are you being abused? Our 8 signs of an abusive relationship will help you see the truth. Abuse is a very loaded word, and can mean different things to different people. The type of abuse, the severity, and the way it's inflicted can range from the obvious to the almost impossible to see. Quite often the person being abused is the last to figure out what's really happening. There are m ...

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Why Do Men Cheat – Understanding Why Men Lie and Cheat

They say men that cheat and lie do so for no apparent reason, but contrary to popular belief, there are reasons why men cheat. Cheating has been around as long as committed relationships have. It may have not been a big deal back in the ancient times, but in today's world, cheating scandals are all everyone talks about. It's actually more scandalous when women are caught cheating, as it is expected when men ...

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