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How to Kiss a Guy If You Have Never Been Kissed Before

There's no published manual on how to kiss a guy; however, there are a few things you can do to make your first kiss very memorable. If you've never been kissed before, you would want your first kiss to be memorable, right? You've probably run the scene in your head a million times from the moment your eyes meet to the time his lips meet yours. You want it to be romantic, magical – perfect. Sorry to disappo ...

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12 Sizzling Tips To Be a Good Kisser

Master how to be a good kisser and prove to your partner that you're caring, attentive, sensitive, assertive, and passionate. Learning how to be a good kisser is crucial for a successful love-life. There is nothing more intoxicating and sensual than the perfect kiss, and for an act that can be accomplished simply by leaning forward, there are endless KISSING VARIATIONS and TECHNIQUES you and your partner ca ...

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