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Romance & Sex In a Long Distance Relationship – The Unexposed Truth

Romance and sex don't need to fade because of the distance. Learn how you can keep the romance strong and your man satisfied! Read the secrets that no one else cares to tell you. Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of long distance relationships is the sex, or more relevant, the lack thereof. And then you have romance, which again because of the distance is somehow lost between inadequate intimacy a ...

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The Best Advice To Survive a Long Distance Relationship

I got a complaint to file to the Relationship Ministry; there should be a class at schools where children were trained in Relationship Management, with a course in how to make a long distance relationship work. If there's something that's UNPREDICTABLE, SNEAKY, and HARD to handle, this definitely applies more so to relationships, not the market economy. Because if we were to be honest, no one is ever fully ...

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Long Distance Relationship Gifts To Show Your Love

In long distance relationships, lovers need to compensate for the lack of intimacy, long distance relationship gifts are always a thoughtful way of making your lover feel important. There's no better gesture than giving presents to show people your love. Long distance relationship gifts are almost essential for keeping lovers feeling loved and cared for. Let's discover smart, sexy and silly gifts you could ...

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How to Break Up a Long Distance Relationship

We want relationships to last forever, but they often don't; learning how to break up a long distance relationship is difficult, so find out about the different ways you can do it the right way. So, you've reached a point when you feel your relationship cannot be fixed, and ask yourself:  "How do I break up a long distance relationship now?" Long distance relationships are a CLASS of their own. They are del ...

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12 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Working

Long distance relationships are very common these days and technology has made them a little more tolerable. But how do you know if your long distance relationship is working perfectly? It’s easy if you look for these signs! Below you can discover certain signs, attitudes and feelings that will immediately reassure you that you're on track! Intuition, you just feel that it works If it feels right, is most l ...

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