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Top 5 Ways To Show Love and Care In a Long Distance Relationship

Showing love is never easy, but what's really difficult is how to show that you care in a long distance relationship. Learn how you can spread love here. Distance makes us behave weird, even though you've done it before, suddenly you don't know how to show that you care while in a long distance relationship. It is as if, the rules have changed (well, they've actually changed a little) and you need to start ...

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Love Spells – Do They Really Work Fast

Many people are searching for love spells that work fast so they can snag the person of their dreams and live a life full of love.  Do these love spells work, or are they all just nonsense? There is an entire community that revolves around spells and love spells specifically. There are countless websites advertising love spells that work fast that can cause a person you're interested in to desire you, an ex ...

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What is True Love – 5 Signs of True Love In a Relationship

True love can be tricky. It masquerades as lust, infatuation, and attraction. Learn the real meaning of true love and discover if you're feeling it. People have been trying to define true love for thousands of years, but that's not going to stop us from trying to do it too! First, let's talk about the opposite of true love. No, it's not hate. The opposite of true love is false love. False love might be love ...

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7 Powerful Ways To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You

What do you do when you think you've found "the one"? If you want to make a guy fall in love with you, you must first learn how to make a guy want you. If you've stumbled across this while trying to look for a shortcut or a spell that would magically make him fall madly for you, then you may be disappointed; however, you may learn a thing or two about how to make a guy see you as someone he can actually fal ...

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3 Uncomplicated Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them

At one point in your life, you will feel so strongly for someone that you will want to finally utter those three little words that hold so much meaning "I love you." But burning question is, how to tell him you love him? Honestly saying, it is not always easy to say the words and sometimes you want to put more effort forth and actually show them as well. Today we are going to discuss some tips that will get ...

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22 Obvious Signs a Guy Loves You

Men don't really have a good track record when it comes to expressing how they feel for someone, so how can you tell if a guy loves you? Men can tell it like it is when discussing anything – except their feelings. Some men are just really uncomfortable when the topic of emotions comes up while some are just looking for some assurance that they won't be turned down when they finally open up. How can you tell ...

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6 Telltale Signs That You Are in Love

There's nothing more exhilarating than being the feeling of being in love, but how do know if you are in love and not just infatuation? You feel your heart racing and there are sparks every time your hands touch. You can't eat, you can't sleep, you're constantly thinking about that person and you can't seem to get him or her out of your head. Is this it? Could it actually be love or could it just be a rush ...

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5 Smart Ideas To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

To make someone fall in love with you, know that feelings of love are a natural response to certain stimuli, and understanding them is your very own love potion. The idea of MAKING someone fall in love with you is a bit suspect. It sounds manipulative and in some sense, like cheating. But the feelings of love are natural responses of your body, and knowing how to trigger those responses can truly make someo ...

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When to Say I Love You – Every 2 Out of 3 People Don’t Know This

Finally found your soulmate? These tips will definitely help you to know the perfect time to say I love you by avoiding mistakes that most people do. S-E-X can lead to L-O-V-E but not always So maybe you're considering using the often-dreaded "L" Word. That's right, we're talking about LOVE. Is there any other L Word? When is the best time to tell the One that he/she has gone from "Like" status to the much ...

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