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15 Awesomely Easy Ways to Get Him to Propose Fast

Is your boyfriend lagging in the proposal department? Read about 15 awesomely easy ways that can teach you how to get him to propose! Many women are searching for answers on how to get him to propose. Whether it is a long term relationship that seems to be going nowhere, or you've talked it over but no final move has been made there are some tips you can do to push things in the matrimonial direction. 1. Be ...

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6 Tips To Get Any Guy to Chase You

How to get a guy to chase you in spite of everything is a big secret which only the most desired by women have known so far. But here it is now for people like you and me. So why wait any longer? How to get a guy to chase you is the first step towards a lasting relationship. A relationship that works wonders to your life is one that gives you the best feeling everyday that you wake up with him on the bed. T ...

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Signs Your Long Distance Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Learn how to tell if your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you. Don't stay in the dark, find the signs and get rid of them, ASAP! If we're to be honest, long distance relationships are NOT for everyone. Many people do not have it in them to remain faithful and there's too much cheating going on. If you're wondering how to tell if your long distance partner is cheating on you, we are here ...

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The Best Advice To Survive a Long Distance Relationship

I got a complaint to file to the Relationship Ministry; there should be a class at schools where children were trained in Relationship Management, with a course in how to make a long distance relationship work. If there's something that's UNPREDICTABLE, SNEAKY, and HARD to handle, this definitely applies more so to relationships, not the market economy. Because if we were to be honest, no one is ever fully ...

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7 Obvious Signs He Is Ready To Commit

Women do look for relationship that have some potential otherwise there is no point in investing in a relationship to begin with. But what about him? Let's look at some telling signs that he is ready to commit. Women are often (more often than not) depicted as difficult creatures to deal with. We can be cute as a button and the next thing you know, we turn into these ruthless green-eyes monsters, dripping w ...

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Why Do Men Cheat – Understanding Why Men Lie and Cheat

They say men that cheat and lie do so for no apparent reason, but contrary to popular belief, there are reasons why men cheat. Cheating has been around as long as committed relationships have. It may have not been a big deal back in the ancient times, but in today's world, cheating scandals are all everyone talks about. It's actually more scandalous when women are caught cheating, as it is expected when men ...

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What Men Want – Are Men Really Only After One Thing?

Despite how predictable men appear to be, it's still quite a challenge to understand what men want in a woman. Read on to find out more. Men have different tastes in women; however, there are certain traits they all look for when searching for someone to have a relationship with. They may be attracted to all sorts of women, but what do they see in a particular girl to make them want to know her better and d ...

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Relationship Status – Why People Want to Make it Public

In a Relationship? It's Complicated? What's the big deal about announcing one's relationship status on Facebook or other social networking site? Relationships are an important part of our lives, and as of late, so are social networking sites. It's only natural to combine the things that are important to us and share them with the world. Posting one's relationship status for the entire world to see may seem ...

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Do Men Suffer More After a Breakup?

Break-ups are generally difficult for both men and women to handle, but why is it that men seem to take separation harder than women do? Breakups can be devastating, especially if one or both parties have invested so much love and devotion into the relationship. It doesn't really matter if the break-up was amicable or if vicious words and small items were hurled at each other, break-ups are never easy. Men ...

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