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Self Exploration – The Unbeatable Way To Have a Healthy Sex Life

To have a healthy sex life you need to find out exactly what and how you want. If you haven't told him, then how is he supposed to know? Since having a healthy sex life is very important in virtually any relationship, we have covered various tips and ideas on our site. Furthermore, we have divided this article into two parts so that you can follow the tips easily. We are writing about self exploration in Pa ...

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7 Warning Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce

From secrets to changes in behavior and a lack of sex, find out the warning signs your husband wants a divorce and what to do when it happens. Divorce can happen for many reasons. Whether it's something obvious like an affair or abuse, or just a general incompatibility that can't be fixed, it's typical for one partner to make the decision to divorce before the other spouse knows it's coming. There obviously ...

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Sexless Relationship – Can It Really Work?

Much has been said about how important sex is in a relationship or in a marriage, and this leaves a question on everybody's mind. Can a sexless relationship work? Most people picture a perfect relationship to be all about romance and the passion that comes with it, but there are cases where companionship and loyalty takes the place of romance and intimacy. This is usually expected for elderly couples who ha ...

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