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Large or Small Breasts – Which Do Men Really Prefer

Do men really prefer bigger breasts? It may surprise you to learn that men adore breasts...period! Size really does not matter, boobs are boobs! The idea that men prefer large breasts is actually something of a myth; in a study conducted by June Machover Reinisch, Ph. D., for the Health and Science of Human Sexuality Foundation, she discovered that in fact only about a quarter of men prefer large breasts; w ...

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6 Simple But Effective Steps To Make Your Man Ultra Horny

So you would like sex more often? Read this guide to find ways to make your guy horny and want more sex. Do you think your man has 'gone off' you? Would you like to make him so horny that he cannot leave you alone? Firstly you need to understand that above all else, men are very simple, visual creatures, and it will not take a lot of effort (in general!) to make him hornier. Read this guide for hints and ti ...

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Self Exploration – The Unbeatable Way To Have a Healthy Sex Life

To have a healthy sex life you need to find out exactly what and how you want. If you haven't told him, then how is he supposed to know? Since having a healthy sex life is very important in virtually any relationship, we have covered various tips and ideas on our site. Furthermore, we have divided this article into two parts so that you can follow the tips easily. We are writing about self exploration in Pa ...

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Things That Men Want In Bed But Not Telling You

Having done extensive research, here I have come up with a fairly extensive list of the things that that men really want in bed. Ladies, the old adage as to what men want still rings true today: they want a cleaner in the house, a chef in the kitchen, and a whore in the bedroom; but what else do men want? Well, having done extensive research, and asking typical men on the street what they desire in a life-t ...

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8 Significant Signs Your Marriage Is Over

It's normal for married couples to go through rough patches, but some people reach a point when they ask themselves, "Is my marriage over?" Marriage isn't like a video game wherein if you make a certain number of mistakes, it's game over. There are no clear-cut guidelines or rules that say when a couple should finally call it quits. For most people, it's when they've tried everything to save what's left of ...

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The 100% Safe and Best Methods To Increase Libido

There will always be times in your life when you desire to have either sexual action in your relationship. We all have differing sex drives, and this guide will help you to understand how to how to increase your libido if it is low. I shall divide this into two sections, for men and for women, as we do differ slightly in our needs. How to Increase Libido (Sexual Desire) In Women There are many women across ...

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10 Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life

Do not be shy; this is your life, and you have the right to get what you want from it, and that includes a better sex life. Here you can reveal the magic to have GREAT sex, now and in the future. We all like sex, men and women; but aren't there occasions when we would all prefer our sex lives to be better, more exciting, longer lasting, more adventurous? Men and women think about these matters in different ...

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Sexless Relationship – Can It Really Work?

Much has been said about how important sex is in a relationship or in a marriage, and this leaves a question on everybody's mind. Can a sexless relationship work? Most people picture a perfect relationship to be all about romance and the passion that comes with it, but there are cases where companionship and loyalty takes the place of romance and intimacy. This is usually expected for elderly couples who ha ...

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