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Still Not Getting a Girl To Have Sex (it SUCKS)?

Call it what you will, getting a girl to have sex/get laid/be seduced, can be an easy or a difficult task; which would you prefer? We may refer to it as different things, but at the end of the day, it amounts to the same want to get laid, but how do you get a girl to want to have sex with you? You may not realize it as yet, but you do have the knowledge and capability of seducing that special gi ...

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How to Make Her Squirt – The Key Is To Find The G-Spot

We have all heard stories about female ejaculation (squirting); let us show you how to make her squirt by finding and manipulating her G-spot. Many men (and women!) have long asked, Does the G-spot actually exist, and if so where is it? Medical opinion has varied in the past, but due to new techniques in MRI scans, it is agreed that women do have one, and that men want to find it, and make her squirt! Read ...

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11 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy (Be The Man She Wants)

Figuring out how to make your girlfriend happy is something that most men want the answer to. How many times have we heard the question: "What do women really want?" Barrack Obama is often regarded by the media as a man who has been able to keep his wife happy. The way he publicly appreciates and praises her during his speeches is proof enough. Well gentlemen, if you want a happy and content "Michelle" of y ...

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5 Things To Consider Before Having an Affair With a Married Woman

Some men take the chase as far as pursuing a woman who is already unavailable. This begs the question "Is it okay to have affair (sex) with a married woman?" The fact that a married woman is something a man can't and shouldn't have, makes her all the more desirable to certain types of men. Add the thrill of taking a bite of the proverbial forbidden fruit and these men simply can't help themselves. A sexual ...

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