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11 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

You know something’s wrong, but not HOW wrong.  Check out these signs your wife is cheating on you and see just how worried you should be. In our last post we talked about how to tell if your husband was cheating.  Many of those points apply to a wife as well, but let's go over them quickly to get started. Dressing up – Similarly to a man hitting the gym and buying new clothes, if your wife starts dressing ...

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10 Basic Steps To Be a Better Husband With The Least Effort

Don't wait for your wife to initiate jump-starting your marriage. Learn how to be a better husband and the rest will fall into place. Let's face it – marriage is hard work. Life is long, and after a couple years together you've both got a lot of factors in your life that are fighting for your attention. You're both worried about your jobs, salaries, mortgages, cars, lack of vacations, kids, not having kids, ...

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Wife Spends More Money On Her Parents – How Can I Stop Her

It's nice if your wife helps her parents out every now and then, but what should you do if she seems to be going too far? I mean, she spends a lot on her parents without thinking about your own family. We owe our parents a lot. They gave us life, they nurtured us, and they raised us to be who we are now. Some parents even go to the extreme of financially supporting their adult children when they're in need. ...

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5 Things To Consider Before Having an Affair With a Married Woman

Some men take the chase as far as pursuing a woman who is already unavailable. This begs the question "Is it okay to have affair (sex) with a married woman?" The fact that a married woman is something a man can't and shouldn't have, makes her all the more desirable to certain types of men. Add the thrill of taking a bite of the proverbial forbidden fruit and these men simply can't help themselves. A sexual ...

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