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True Love Lives Forever – A Unique Love Story

Hey Friends,

Hope you are doing great. Today I am going to share something different! It’s a LOVE STORY and once again it was submitted by creative person Mr. Yatharth Hans. Once you complete reading this story, you can check out his previous contribution here >> Heart Touching Break Up Poems – Must Read and Share

If you also want to contribute anything related to love, relationship, dating etc, then you can contact me here.


Few years back Aarnav’s life was splendid when Ananya entered in his life, she was on his mind and heart, love was in the air, her love was everything for him and he was everything for her.

Happy CoupleTheir days start with unlimited text and calls packed with full of love and they were in dreams of each other, every day, they were weaving dreams of love, relationship and getting married, even they have decided the names of their kids in future, it was like, they are made for each other kind.

They were getting close day by day with their never ending chats and calls, their regular dates and meetings in coffee shops and restaurants; sometimes they feel and live their married life, as their life was set and planned as a couple by the God in Heaven.

And finally, they decided to get into a marital relationship and went to take permissions from their parents as both were Indians. They were planning to get married but the destiny was planning something else for them.

She elucidated entirety to her parents about their relationship but like all the traditional Indian parents, she got a “snub” for marriage instead of “Yes“, as the boy was not of their choice.

She loves him, but was clumsy to go against the will of her parents, she has to choose between love and responsibilities but she and preferred her responsibilities and finally decided to get apart. All the dreams turned to adieu, plans were wilted and the love was getting wings to fly away.

She came for final good-bye with tears in her eyes, while sobbing she said I believe in destiny, if you are in my destiny then we will meet again and if I am not, than there must be some other beautiful girl is in your destiny and he replied softly with soggy eyes, “You believe in destiny, but I believe in you.”

Beautiful couple was like an obliterated town, every second was strangulating, and they were showing of as they are very audacious, but somewhere inside they were hollow and weak, they need each other but avoiding, they tried to communicate but refused. And finally they moved on for their families and friends.

May be, the God has written some other people in their lives…

She got married to some other guy at the will of her parents and the boy was still stuck into the reminiscences of her and started living in nostalgias, his life was getting hell, he locked himself in a room, appetite was lost, he separated himself materially from the society, sad songs were the only medicine for him to come out of this betrayal.

Luckily, he was keeping his cell phone with him and that was only kept to get a chance to wait her call, which was futile, for friends and others cell phone was the only source to reach him.

And one day, his cell phone beeped…and a message popped out… It was from Kirti, one of his colleagues, she messaged just to confirm where he is? He replied to her and their conversation goes on. They started texting each other, on the same they texted each other till 5 AM, it was just the beginning over again.

Text and calls were their routine now. She carries some eatables for him in office and they always did their lunch together, coffee shops and restaurants were the usual things for them. People were enviously saying; something is cooking between them, in fact it was not so, they were just good friends now.

Time, days, weeks, months passed and now it was a year; he was getting back to himself. Perhaps, they were getting closer to each other. He was handling himself better now, they were always found to be sitting together in the office, if he leaves for some time she started asking for him, making calls and sending text ceaselessly.

Late night calls and chats was the pattern of their daily mundane. She was caring, helping and lovable, may be it was the reason for him to getting attracted towards her, his life was rejuvenated and enthusiastic now.

Friendship was going well on their track but she was seeking more than the friendship, perhaps! She always tête-à-tête about love, affection, lust, love-making and relationships, not because she was single or obsessed but she really wants to feel the desire, warmth and passion of love, her fantasies were bizarre and weird.

She was certainly gung-ho to fall in love, to be loved by someone

, but did not get her Mr. Perfect. She was wondering for her him, plaiting dreams for her future settlements but she was not aware about her Mr. Perfect, where he is hiding himself? When will he arrive?

And the day comes when destiny arrived…

He left the office for a meeting without informing her; as usual she was looking for him and asking others. She was kept on calling and sending text to him but there was no reply at all.

She got furious by this; even he was also fuming due to her enormous texts and calls in the meeting and when he came out from the meeting he called her and started scolding, she was crying and hanged up the call, he was feeling bad for her now.

He was kept on calling but she did not pick, he messaged her but she did not reply and finally switched off her phone.

He quickly rushed for office, but as we know “problems does not come alone” when he reached office she was left for home because her parents were leaving for a marriage party out of the city and they were insisting her to take along.

It was dusk outside and visibility was lost, he got a call and it was her, he answered the call and said, “Hello.”

She replied utterly, “I am scared and alone, need your help, come fast ASAP.” In the next few minutes he was standing outside her house. He called her to open the door, in the next stint door was open, they were standing face to face now and her eyes were still crying, she went closer and hugged him snugly, like she was not going to leave him.

She was shouting at him for creating the scene and now both were crying. She dabbed his tears with a gentle kiss on his eyes, he was feeling strange and goose-bumps were on. With her moist eyes she whispered in his ear, “I love you.

He replied in shock, “You know my past.” She further said, “Close your eyes and let your instincts guide you!”

He closed his eyes and when eyes were closed he was reminding the last words of Ananya “I believe in destiny, if you are in my destiny then we will meet again and if I am not, than there must be some other beautiful girl is in your destiny.

He still believes in her and realised his destiny is standing with him. He hugged her and said, “I love you too.

And then they kissed

She asked mildly with tears in her eyes, “Will you marry me?” He mopped her tears and said, “We just exchanged “I love you”, how can we do that?

She said, “Time does not matter in love, what matter is LOVE ONLY. Love is not about how long our relationship is? How much time we spent? It’s not about how long we are in love? It’s all about love, it’s all about feelings, it’s all about you and me, it’s all about what we are, and it’s all about us. Love is not about past; Love always lives in present and stays forever.”

He said, “What about your parents?” she replied dejectedly, “They won’t be agreed” but I want to love today; I don’t bother for future, “Let’s get married today only.

And finally they both decided and eloped from their homes and city on the same day and got married because they were in their destinies, they want to live and they want to love.

May be they are living in love till today!

It’s been four years… and they are still missing…!

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